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I'm an avid IRC fan and web developer.

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Currently working on:

soontm, the lightweight, no-dependency IRC library

Project: soontm



Soon™ New!

The IRC library that's small, free of dependencies, simple and easy to use.

The Commit re-opened

Rarely-updated rants, raves, ideas and code from whiskers75.

The whiskers75 puzzle fun

Fun IRC and programming/crypto trivia.

ChirpCLI old

A Twitter client for the terminal that can relay live tweets on a particular topic. Built with Node.js.

SpiREPL old

A Node.js REPL that reloads when your code does, injecting it into the running context. Handy for debugging in-dev code quickly without having to Ctrl-C all the time.

WhiskTube works

Download YouTube videos to watch offline! Handy for travelling abroad, or into places without WiFi.